Dr. Fiero, thank you so much for squeezing me in three days in a row, setting up another doctor's appointment for me and, most importantly, fixing me in time for my drive to Massachusetts! I feel soooo much better, and I very much appreciated all your help and professionalism. I have been recommending you to everyone! You're an awesome doctor, and I'm very grateful to have found you when I did. Kind regards,
I am a professional golfer and recently started working with Dr. Fiero and Kyle Fraser. I have already seen great improvements and a difference in my swing. I suffered from tendinitis in my left arm and pain in my left knee. With the treatment from Dr. Fiero and the strengthening exercises from Kyle my pain has significantly decreased. My body is now functioning at its highest level and I have considerably less pain. I want to thank them for all of their help and I am happy to have them on my team.
The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I suffered from chronic pain and back problems. I was no longer able to participate in any active workouts or play the sports I loved. After my treatment at Spine and Sports, my back and joints were fully functional again, and with no more pain. I was back to participating and playing sports again in no time. The best part is that the root cause was treated and not just the symptoms. I was also very well informed and educated on my condition and learned how to minimize or even prevent future occurrences. I highly recommend Spine and Sports therapy.
My husband who has had reoccurring back pain, discovered Dr. DeWalch just by chance when he was doing some remodeling work in the building. He completed the program and has not had a problem since and that was over two years ago. Shortly after completing his treatment, our then 16-year-old daughter was in a major car accident and suffered a neck injury. She has also had upper back pain most of her life from sitting incorrectly and carrying a heavy back pack. She too completed the therapy and her neck is healed and her back feels great. She goes in about once every 2 or 3 months to get an adjustment because of the stress she puts on her back. You will really like Dr. DeWalch!
Three years ago I saw Dr. DeWalch for therapy on a torn ligament in my ankle. I also went to the bone and joint clinic who did nothing for me. Dr. D. helped get my ankle healed up in about a month. I ran the half marathon a few months later. Since then I've been going to him for any joint/structural related problem and also got regular adjustments from him while I was pregnant which I highly recommend if you're pregnant. My husband use to think all chiropractors are quacks until he went to Dr. D. for a knee injury while training for an ironman. Dr. D had him back to full training in a couple of weeks and my husband is now a believer and recommending him to others. Dr. D is extremely professional, knowledgeable, honest and does an excellent job explaining exactly what he's doing and how it works. My parents also see him on a regular basis and have seen results no other doctors could provide. I almost didn't want to do this review because he is getting more popular and it's harder to get in and see him but I have to promote Spine and Sports because it's a great group of people that have helped a lot of people.
I had surgery 5 years ago for a ruptured disc. While the repair itself went well, I was still bothered every few months when my back would go out and I would head to bed with lower back pain. Frustrated with this and fearing that I was slipping into a the same chronic struggle with back problems that I had observed with older family members, I sought out Spine and Sports Therapy. The results have been wonderful. After treatment, my back functions normally and I am active again. No flare ups, no Saturdays laying up in bed waiting for the pain to resolve, no cancelled family activities. Hurrah! All the doctors and therapists are easy to talk to, very professional, and as knowledgeable about my back issues as anyone that I have consulted. They were also helpful when my kids injured themselves playing team sports: quicker recovery times, advice on injury prevention. Great stuff. I recommend them highly.
I am continually impressed with the care, the integrity, the commitment of Spine and Sports Therapy. They employ several different disciplines in their approach to their patients/clients. I feel they treat the whole person in their therapy work. I admire their work, their results, and their kindness, and would highly recommend them.
The staff at Spine and Sports Therapy are phenomenal. I have always found everyone at the office to be personable and professional. I saw Dr. DeWalch to help me through an overuse injury due to running. I have never felt better.
These folks know what they're doing and they do it extremely well. Attention to detail would be a gross understatement in describing the care they give.
"Stop running" or "If you don't stop running, you'll need surgery in at least two years". I've been running for almost 10 years now and have been told these same things over and over again by doctors treating dislocated knees, swollen ankles, strained Achilles tendons, "runner's hack" and other running bumps and bruises. As an addicted runner, these doctor's "solutions" just didn't cut it. I kept running and refusing to see a Dr. even after the pain in my hips and lower back became unbearable, and I completely lost the ability to stand on tiptoe. Luckily, my friend Anthony recognized the pain and stubbornness he'd over come as a patient of Spine and Sports Therapy and he recommended I go visit Dr. D. Anthony swore by Dr. D's methods and even offered to car pool to the office and show me around. It's been almost a year now, and I'm still a frequent patient of Dr. D's; I've been a believer since day one when he explained pain by pain what was going on and WHY, and together we started working on treating both the current problem as well as the source of the problem. That's the great part about being one of Dr. D's patients. He takes the time to explain what is going on, why it's happening, how to fix the current problem, the root of the problem, what I can do to stop the pain and prevent it from happening again and never once has he said "Stop running". In fact, he's recommended different types of exercises/sports to get into for some cross training, which vitamins are more effective, and has become a great athletic resource and supportive friend of my running world.
I'm proud to say that I've been running, biking and now swimming (thanks to Dr D's influence) pain free since around my second or third visit a year ago. It's great to have a doctor who is a fellow athlete and friend, one who understands how the words "Stop running" can sound like a death sentence.
I am 18 and I've played and will continue to play the game of rugby. 4 years of varsity rugby, in that 4 years, 3 years playing for the Texas team and 2 years playing for the USA underage team, and let me tell ya'll i have had some run-ins with injuries. I am now a regular patient with Dr. DeWalch, and he loves the challenges that i bring in every visit. From treating my high ankle sprains, A/C join blowout in my shoulders, broken thumb, stiff neck, a bow tie of a knot in my back, many concussion, heel problems, and all around joint and bone ache. He has worked wonders on me and i truly appreciate the time and effort he puts into making me fit for thee next game the following week. I also like the conversation that you can engage in with doc. Not like at a normal doctors office were they just want to kick you out for the next guy, no, he takes the time to talk to you and tell you whats wrong and how to get better. And for me that's great, because when it comes to needles and acupuncture i need to know why they are coming near me and if there is any other way. I'm not a fan of all that but it works so i endure it, and Dr. DeWalch is the only one that i trust with needles around me. He is a great man and a great person to b around thank you so much Doc, i now have hope that i will be able to walk and play rugby by the age of 40, with you looking after me.


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